Trip to the Spanish Village

I’m Aoyama, the boss who went on a trip for family service.

We went on a family trip to an amusement park called the Spanish Village in Mie prefecture at the end of September with late summer heat. We used Go To Travel which is a campaign sponsored by the government but my eldest son, who is in the first year of high school, didn’t come with us so we went there just 3 of us. 

The weather was perfect and the park was empty because of Covid 19.


We stayed at a hotel next to the park and it was really elegant.


This is a Spanish art which my wife loves.


When we went a little deeper, I could feel the streets of Spain, I have never been to Spain though.


It was before the October but there were already decorations of Halloween.



My youngest son, who is in the forth grade of elementary school, was almost dying on the ground because of the heat.


Is he coming back to life? Keep it up!!


Oh no, he`s gone..


Just joking. He is ok actually.

The next one, it might be difficult to imagine from the photos but it`s inside of the castle made of ice. It was below the freezing point.

I usually don’t show up in photos but the taller one is me. There were some restrictions due to Covid 19, but it was really a fun trip.


Lastly, I have found out that videos can be uploaded, although it has nothing to do with this blog, I will upload a video that showing I`m drifting in a car.Maybe I can use this as a conversation starter with young people.

In the video, I’m driving slowly because my friend’s wife was sitting next to me, but it was fun like snowboarding, so if you have a chance, please join us.