Family trip to Shima Spain village in the spring of 2021

Hi its boss Aoyama and my fighting power has been dropped by 20% due to pollinosis since last week.

My family hadn’t gone on a trip since last spring so we decided to go to Shima Spain Village in Mie.

The youngest son always wanted to go with his older brother but we didn’t have much time to spend together, so I thought it was a good timing to go with a whole family.

It takes about 3-4hours to get there and we left on Friday night because I wanted to relax on Saturday morning. On the way, I stopped by the service area of ​​the highway and had a quick supper. The chicken katsudon set meal and Nagoya Cochin eggs were recommended and I was surprised that it was very sweet and delicious than I expected.


After a meal, we stayed overnight at a business hotel on the way, and arrived at the site on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, it had been heavy rain since last night, but when we arrived, it was windy but rain stopped.


It’s the courtyard of the hotel, and the atmosphere is pretty good.


It’s a part of the attractions in the village and most of them are relatively easy so there were a lot of family with children.


But there are some roller coasters which were scary, with their heads completely down and somersaults. and you can hear the voice of screaming every time, so you can feel the fear just by hearing the screeming.


But what we took a ride were,,,

Like this

At a push↓↓

Actually my wife and the second son are fine with roller coasters, but the eldest son doesn’t like them. The person in the red hoodie in the back seat looks he is being scared. Unfortunately it is me.


`hi brother! Lets go to ride the coaster!!`

The person in the red hoodie in the back seat looks he is being scared. Unfortunately it is me.


We backed to the hotel in the early evening and had some time to play tennis.

I returned to the Spain Mura Hotel early in the evening and had some time to play tennis. There were no people except us. And my wife, who doesn’t exercise on a daily basis, was doing her best and smiling (a person with a yoga-like posture in front).


We were late for the hotel buffet for dinner because of the was messy choice with Chinese, Japanese and western food but it was delicious.


Tempura and steak were made on the spot by a chef.

I don’t even remember how many time I went back and forth for these 2 dishes.


I told my second son to take dishes which look expensive but what he was doing was building a toll desert tower…


A kid following a pigeon.


Kids throwing pillows.

After all, such a primitive play seemed to be the most enjoyable.


This time I saw a lot of girls in anime costume with male photographers.

I think it was a shoot that sought the world of anime. Now that the trend of clothing is changing drastically, it`s becoming easier to wear unique clothes so I could see the hope for the future of fashion industry.


This was 2 night trip so I spent a lot of money but my family had a good time. It`s like a tv commercial saying ` the value that money can`t buy`.