About our company

Hi, it`s boss Aoyama. I`m always helped by our staffs. Thank you!

At the end of October this year, I have found a picture at the door of my friend`s house which completely fits this time of pandemic.

It says..`The first thing you have to do when you come back home, is sanitize your hands, not only palms but also the back of the hands!`

This picture is written by my friend who is my ex co-worker. The character is from Kimetsu No Yaiba which has been the most successful animation during this pandemic. I just thought it`s interesting combination that the animation contributes to Japanese economy the most and Covid 19 which has the most negative impact on the economy. My friend, I know you are busy everyday but keep it up!!


And these are the kids who help our family from Covid 19.

Thank you my dog. I appreciate every day. One day I will mix reduced calorie serial in your dog food.



And this is what I wanted to inform you today.

I wanted to upload company`s facilities on the website but we haven’t done yet, so I would like to show you them here.


This is the warehouse.   The yarns in our catalogue and row materials are shipped from here.


The first picture shows winding up yarns on hanks to cones.  The second picture is from cones to hanks.


These are lily yarn making machines.  We have 2 units. We use them depending on situations.


This is a chenille yarn making machine.  In this picture, it`s making a loop chenille.


This machine is facilitated with round blades so it`s suitable to make tiny chenille. (Blades are like ones Krillin using in Dragon Ball)  


This is an up close photo of the center of the chenille yarn making machine.  The circular plate with written on it is the blade called rotary cutter.


This is a yarn twisting machine.  This machine can make not only plain twisted yarns but also specific yarns such as pom poms.


This machine was expensive so he is a bit snobbish. We need to take care of him carefully.

He sometimes takes a defiant attitude by making yarns like noodle. 


This is also a chenille making machine but with long blades, not the round ones showed.


in the different picture.

And this machine,,,,,


What happened??!!

It was like a murder scene..

The machine was producing a chenille yarn in red and while the core thread was broken, the feather thread was continued cut and fell off the floor. This kind of tragedy happens when the sensor failed to detect the broken thread.

To be honest, I still believe it happened because Yamada who is sitting in front of the machine just forgot to turn the switch of the sensor on

Thanks for reading.