Spring has come!

Since pollinosis has started suddenly this year, I’m taking a medicine which had been prescribed the year before last. I’m Chi Aoyama (Although the expiration date has been expired it still works and the symptom has subsided. I don’t know if it’s the effect of the medicine or the placebo)

It`s getting warmer and spring has come without noticing. Cherry blossoms are also in full bloom here and there in the city.

I would like to proceed this blog with photos of the Ichinomiya Tower, Cherry blossoms on the embankment, and spring sceneries.

March 20th and 27th. I went to Ichinomiya Tower which located in front of our house bringing only a single-lens reflex camera and a smartphone.


This camera is the companion for this cherry blossom shooting. I have this camera for a long time but I still can`t handle it perfectly..


The tower beyond the cherry blossom is the Ichinomiya Tower.


Heading for the embankment walking through the arch of cherry blossoms.


Working the embankment.


Lovely light pink color brings happiness to me.


Lovely light pink color brings happiness to me.


There are a lawn and a cycling road down the embankment. So there were families spreading leisure seats and enjoying walking and shooting.


This picture is called `Ferrari and cherry blossom`.


Sound of `boooom!` echoed suddenly. An army of bees!? Brace for it!


No it was a drone shooting a movie.  


When the wind blows petals are fluttering. I think I can take photos of wonderful cherry blossom blizzard around next week.


I visited to a grave of my family near my parent house and spring also had come there.

Daffodils, Muscari, Fragrant Narcissus, Lily of the valley.


My mum said she didn’t do anything but these narcissus growing and increasing themselves year after year.


It is also growing in the plum tree area on the back.


Spring has also come to my garden.

Roses were also blooming without noticing.


There were sprouts on maples.


When green onions turn into like this picture means winter is over.


A peach tree also has flowers. I am looking forward to the summer harvest.




My daughter came in when I was shooting a peach tree.


She is also changing clothes for spring. Her brown areas have come off a lot, but the white areas around her neck, chest and legs are still full.  So cleaning is really hard at this time of year.


I introduced the scenery of spring this time, but this is probably the most exciting thing.

Bread is better than the songs of the birds. ( its sweets actually though)

It was the seasonal cherry bean paste.

So good!