Ski after a long time

The eldest son quit the baseball club team earlier this year, so I went skiing for the first time in a while, which I haven’t been able to go recently. All Saturdays and Sundays were baseball, so I couldn’t take the kids anywhere. So I took them on a day trip around Okumino almost every week in January and February. We went to a ski resort.

When I was waiting at a lift platform as usual, there is something blue …



And something in red like Gundom.

As expected! !! Char of the red comet? It disappeared from sight at a tremendous speed, and even if I hurriedly took two children on a lift and chased, I could not find them.

But when I gave up and doing ski….




We found them on a lift salute our children! They are Gundam and Gouf. If you look closely, it’s even more surprising that both hands have shields and beam sabers which they can’t use also they have snowboarding instead of skiing.

I was really happy to see the Gundam family.



After noon, I let the kids go to order lunch alone, but I thought it was taking too long  to come back, so I went to see …


chips in all you can eat style.

My son was very serious piling the chips up and I was grad there was no customers except us because it was late lunch. But I suppose it was a violation to use chopsticks for it…



The second son wanted to make a snow man before returning so I let the first son take care of him.



And there was a snow festival held on a way back home.


We saw chico-chan made of snow.