Rose Park

How did you spend your Golden Week Holiday?

I was almost staying at home except going to a park near home where you can relax and relax.


The Rose Park in Ono city, which is the largest producer of la seedlings in Japan. Admission free.

There are 150 kinds of 2000 roses in full bloom in the park.

The best time to see it is from mid-May onwards usually, with colorful roses covering the entire surface. It seems that it was early bloom this time and most of the roses in the bud state are a little lonely.


Anyway I enjoyed the early blooming roses and there were few people because it wasn’t the best time so I could relax.


Bright pink rose arch


Ono-City origin rose of the Yaraishan is characterized by its refreshing citrus and fruity sweet scent.

When I passed in front of them, I felt like I was surrounded by the mellow scent of roses. The charm of roses is a scent as well as seeing.


And this is Blue Haven which is also an original to Ono city.

The name of “Centrair Sky Rose” is said to have been decided according to the image of the sky and blue associated with Chubu Centrair International Airport. .


Does it look blue? I couldn’t imagine the blue sky from this rose because it was as close to white as possible. It may become more bluish when the petals open though.


We also stopped by the roadside station “Palette Pier Ono” near the Rose Park.


“Umbrella Sky” where colorful vinyl umbrellas color the sky

They are only exhibited during Golden Week.

The shadow of the umbrella reflected on the ground was also colorful and very beautiful.


Rose seedling “Amber Queen” bought at Rose Park.

It was a good price because it was from the producer.


A rose with a bright orange color that energizes viewers. Many flowers bloomed and the room was vividly colored.

The days when we couldn’t go out still continue, but it was a good opportunity to find fun around me.