I’m Hiroki Aoyama, the president. I’m not a fan of cars, I’m relatively fond of drifting, so I’ve been drifting by car since the time of mobile phones diffusion. Drift is just like snowboarding. However, I didn’t do it all the time, it was shallow and wide, or I felt like I managed to do it without quitting for a long time.

However, as I was getting older and older, the number of friends I go with has decreased one by one, and these days I mainly go there on my own.


The second car from the front, with the front lid open, is mine, and the similar car next to mine was a my drifting friend`s car. He happened to be there.




It happened that there were a lot of university students from the automobile club came and were interested in my car, and I talked about the car and how to make it drift, but anyway, I envy young people. The only thing that remained in my mind was that.





And they were seeing me drifting so I tried to look cooler than usual, as a result of that the tires worn out…



In the end I waste 4 tires in 2 hours.



And this is before get worn out..