Nice to meet you all! I am Wada and this is the first time to post.

It`s getting cooler in the morning and the night, I can feel the Autumn coming. I decided to change the flowers in my garden to the Autumn version.


This is before the changing.

Margaret, silver ragwort, brakicam.

The flowers were giving lonely impression thank to the lazy owner in addition to the summer heat.


I went to a store to purchase some flowers and flower materials, mainly flowers that can be enjoyed from autumn to spring. I spent a lot of time on choosing and it was fun because there were a lot of choices.



Oh my god! They look reborn with the addition of purple and pink garden cyclamen and coprosma! You can enjoy a smell of the season with Jack O Lantern.


And I added pansies and winter cosmos to the caruna which I`d already had. Winter cosmos bead dance has a delicious honey-like scent.


A big eater shiba dog Azusa got attracted to the smell of honey.

That’s a pansy not your food. Don’t eat that.

It is a popular flower and indispensable for gardening, but it is toxic, so please be careful if you have a dog in a house.