History of my mobile phones

Hi It`s Wada.

How are you doing?

I recently changed my phone as an iPhone over an android.

With the introduction of purple on the iPhone 12, I decided to say goodbye to my favorite smartphone that I had used for five years, saying that I couldn’t help but buy the recommended member colors. I decided to take this opportunity to purchase a smartphone with my husband. This is his first smartphone and has been using the same feature phone for 10 years.


Here is his ex mobile phone. You can feel the passage of time from the degree of paint peeling off on a mobile phone.. However, there had been no breakdowns and he did not feel any inconvenience. It is unavoidable to buy a new one as the service for 3G mobile phones ends on March 31, 2022.

At my home, I keep all my mobile phones since I got married. I didn’t throw it away for my daughter’s toys, but it’s also a memorable item now, and I think it’s interesting to look back on it later, so I also keep the charging cord. I will show it this time.


My husband’s successive mobile phones. The leftmost is the third generation phone, and I lay them down in chronological order. The number is not so many because he use each phones for a long time.


Here are my successive mobile phone. The leftmost is the second generation phone, and the one to the right is newer. Although not shown in the photo, the first generation was a black and slightly heavy mobile phone of Tokai Digital Phone. With only the function to make a call. Still, it was epoch-making at that time to be able to contact you anytime and anywhere. You can tell your age with the first mobile phone type.


The back side. Cameras are attached to the back side so that you can take pictures.


I opened the folding cell phone. The screen and buttons are getting bigger and bigger as they are newer. It may be difficult to see and use the first one now with presbyopia (sweat)


The mobile phone I used in 1999. Around the time when a mail function called Sky Mail began to be added.


Nostalgic ring tone with a single note.


The mobile phone of the vodafone era that I used in 2005. Matsuken Samba that was very popular at that time.  My daughter would be very happy when this song played


Receiving movie of the red folding mobile phone used in 2013. It was a popular car commercial at that time.


And this is my daughter’s first mobile phone. Now that She`s grown up to be a high school girl that can’t let go of a smartphone (laughs), I miss those days.