Car inspection

It is a car inspection. Since the height of the car is a little lower than other cars, we raised the height of the car so that Toyota mechanics can work as easily as possible with “hospitality”.


My shiba dog Natsu accompanied me to the end.


Raising or lowering the vehicle height is as simple as turning the screw under the spring.



I just kept turning it as usual, but there was a strange thing that seemed to be black and unpleasant …




Oh no!! Black muddy grease was spilling from the rubber boots of the drive shaft! !!


But I actually felt something familiar to texture of this black thing,,,





It`s like a Miso cutlets our family always go to eat!!

Anyway it wasn’t time to be jorking, I had that fixed with the car inspection. If you leave it as it is without noticing it, the joint part of the drive shaft will crack in a blink of an eye and you will not be able to drive.




After the car was refreshed, I participated in a driving event where I rented out the parking lot of the ski resort.

Did you notice anything on a chair? It is “curl”. Curls are not currently sold in my area, and the ski resort I participated in this time was sold because of Shiga prefecture in the Kansai area. Of course, I bought all of them at a convenience store on the way. I was really happy. But it is a past form of “I was” instead of “I am”. It all disappeared during the driving event. I wondered if someone had taken it from me.



There is a familiar color next to the waterworks.


It was a discovery that felt like oh,,no..  it became miserably crow’s treat.

I was pissed off so I will bring something spicy next time..