Nagoya Dome

It`s getting cold day by day and I have already started been laugh at by the president because I look fat wearing heavily.

because I look fat wearing heavily.

Anyway, I went to Nagoya Dome last week! This year I hadn’t been able to watch baseball games at the stadium because of Covid 19, I had just watched them on DAZN, but the situation looked calm down so I took a risk going there.Having said that, I was still warried about getting infected so a mask and a sanitizer are necessary.And to enjoy and participant the game more enthusiastically, I wore a blue stall which is the color of Dragons. (I couldn’t have a courage to wear it on my own)

I decorated the mask with Dora-chan blue!


I was so excited for the first time at the stadium this season!

And an opponent in the game was Hiroshima carp. There were a lot of fans in the carp uniform.


Waiting for the game begins.

The stand at the third looked completely red by been occupied with Carp fans.


And Mr.Doara was freedom as always.


Play ball!!!

It was the first time for me to watch the game from the panoramic seat. At first, I was wondering it would be difficult to participant the game because it`s too far from the ground but it turned out it wasn’t a problem at all.Last year I was mainly sitting an infield seat on the second floor, but it seems that the panorama seats are better for spectating beginners because they can see the whole movement of the game without losing sight of the ball (also its safer because the ball rarely fly into the stand) .

Moreover, I could see the movement of players very clearly because the seat was very close to the center of the home base.

The starting pitcher was Yanagi.


Although here were a lot of nice plays, I wondered if the players were under pressure as  they came to the end of the season and they had lost in lots of games those days. So there were some scenes that seem things didn’t go according to plan.  


Backflip time

He failed because his head stuck on the ground lol


After all, we lost to Carp, 3-0. A song called DRAGONS UPLISING SPECIAL SHIW Makotoshiyaka Ver. played on the screen after a match. I actually like the music video of it


The season was delayed this year because of Covid 19 and the schedule was quite tight to manage the number of games. I think it was really hard for the players and the team. Thank you for your hard work! And congratulations on staying in the A class! It seems that it will take some time for Covid 19 to settle down, but I am looking forward to the day we can fly jet balloons again.