Moving Machines

In order to make some space for a new chenille making machine, I was going to dispose an old one but there was a company who wants it.



The machine was too huge to carry so we divided it into one third so it became carriable.



After that, I packed it so that it could be sent by truck, and went to Iwate prefecture. I used to use contractors to carry machines but I have learned that I could easily send it as long as it fits in pallets.



At the same time, there was a company said that it would be okay to work as a yarn winder, so the winder machine was also moved from the company. I have been trying to convince them to work as a yarn winder for us for a long time so I really appreciate them. It is a little bit difficult to see in the phote but it is a machine with 8 sleeps in the foreground.



And this is a scale.

We have been using a physical scale for decades because it its more accurate than electric ones but we have changed it to the electric one because it`s much more convenient.



Lastly, though the name of our blog is “Moffy Craft Days”, but it’s hard to write content that seems to be craft. This is because most of the yarns we make recently are requested by our customers. Therefore, as a substitute I would like to introduce the work of my younger child who is in the third grade of elementary school little by little.

When he saw my eldest son’s tablet machine, He was jealous of it and made his own iPad.

The side is also three-dimensional, and it looks like a radio wave symbol on the back. .. ..

It was an event that made me smile and happy as a parent that my younger child made it for himself without saying that he wanted the same thing as his older brother.