Hiking at Mt Nangu

Hi. I`m Yamada. This is the first time to post.

I haven’t worked out for a while so I`m getting fat and bear belly even though I`m still in my 20s so I went to hike at Mt.Nangu in Gifu prefecture.


I have been here about 4 years ago and I didn’t struggle hiking the mountain but this time I got stretched enough before hiking. The road wasn’t steep so it was rather easy to hike on wooden steps.


I found a little shrine.


Here used to be a field for Mori Hidemoto at the battle of Sekigahara.


The road wasn’t so steep but for me it was like a hell. 

However, the stairs have decreased and the road has become flat, I gradually became more motivated and dashed in good condition.


I managed to arrive at the observatory after clearing various missions. It took about 40 minutes. Thanks to the good weather, I could see from the city to JR Central Towers and the scenery was really beautiful.

I came down smoothly on the way back.

On the way back, I came down smoothly, I feel like I`ve lost some weight… Well, I don’t think it will change just by climbing once, so I would like to do other exercises besides hiking. It was a peaceful holiday day.