Ryozen Mt

Hi there.

I`ve been into walking in the mountains and recently went to Mt Ryozen at an altitude of 1.094m.

It is a mountain with many flowers as “Hundred Famous Mountains of Flowers”. When I started walking from the parking lot with 1 liter of water, the sunlight through the trees was very pleasant.


It took about 20minutes walking to the summit.


A short walk greeted me with a wooden arch. The battle with the mountain began here.


You can see Lake Biwa from the 6th station.


As you walk deeper, the path get less steep.


And I found a torii. It felt like another world.

This feeling is the real thrill of mountaineering. 


Reached at the summit.

The stones are white and beautiful as a whole because of the karst terrain.

I brought 1 liter of water, but it wasn’t enough …

I was reminded of the severity of the mountains. I was helped by many mountaineering friends, such as getting water and supplementary food, and I was able to feel the connection with people, and I realized the joy of mountaineering again.