I hope everybody ok during this hot and humid days.

My parents delivered a lot of plums this year as an annual event.

There are three splendid plum trees in my parents’ house, and they bear a lot of fruits every year. Actually, I heard that these tree were planted when I was born!


I usually make them into syrup.

I got about 10kg this year. As they mature they tend to ferment when pickled, so I pickle them as soon as I receive.


They are supposed to carefully be wiped one by one and shouldn’t to be soaked in water. But I can`t be bothered wiping one by one so I wash them with water.

I learnt this from my mother and I can`t betray her!



I wiped bottles with alcohol to disinfect them.

Actually, I used to sterilize bottles by boiling, but this year I couldn’t boil because of an accident.


The bottom of the bottle has cracked silently…


This is the rock candy I used this time. 5 bags of 5 kg.

I put the processed plums in a jar. Pack plums, sugar, plums, and sugar without any gaps.


When filling the jar, I perforate the plums so that the extract comes out faster than the rock candies melts….. I continue to work silently and simply.


We watch a baseball game during dull work.

Come on Dragons!


Accomplished! We will consume them over a year. (The one in the back was pickled last year.)


After 5 days. The extract is coming out smoothly. Fermentation seems to be okay for now.


After two weeks. If it has had fermented on the way, the extract would become cloudy, but this year it looks pretty good. I think I can drink it around August.


This year, I pickled 1kg in apple cider vinegar. You can drink it without sugar.


Natsu came to see saying `is that edible?`

There are other things I make every few years. Plum + soy sauce … I put that cold tofu, grilled meat, and vegetables. It’s refreshing and delicious. Plum + brown sugar + white liquor ・ ・ ・ Brown sugar plum wine. When you put it on vanilla ice cream, it tastes like ram raisins.