Manager Aoyama, this is the first blog after the HP renewal.

Self restraint began from around the March due to Covid 19 so I`d stayed at home and be making masks on weekends..

Since gauzes and rubbers were almost unavailable at shops, I searched all over the house for a cloth and hair rubber that could be used. However, the sewing machine which had been left unattended for more than a dozen years didn’t work, so I made them by hands.

I used cold towels, gauze stoles, and extra tenugui towels to make them.


Spring onion mask to beat the flu away.


Nishimura type of anywhere door mask.


Kyashine type of anywhere door mask. My second son prefer the Nishimura one.


Masks became available at shops around the beginning of the summer. So I tried to add charms. A bread charm is for my big eater son.


After fulfilling my mother’s duties, I become a big buddy.

I hope the days we can enjoy baseball games to come back without caring about Covid 19.