I recently spend more time at home and enjoy decorating my room.

I tried to display the Buddha statues that I have collected as a hobby.

This time I would like to introduce them.


They are Buddha displayed on the entire wall.

It`s really overwhelming when they all get put together.


Here are Kaiyodo’s capsule toys. They are figures of the statue of the four heavenly kings located in Chukindo at Kofukuji Temple. The four heavenly kings are my favorite Buddha statues. Such a brave look.


Here are the Ashura statues at Kofukuji Temple.

These postcards were purchased at the museum shop. Capsule toys were placed at shops near shrines and temples.

Kamakura, Nara, Shiga, anywhere, no matter how many times I try, I always get him.

It is because he is a superstar in the Buddha image world. Does that mean that it is supported by so many people? There is even a fan club exist


Amitabha’s face pot that I bought at a souvenir shop in Nara. I couldn’t use it because I could get punished if I put a pot on it, so I hung it on the wall.


These figures are statues of the four heavenly kings. The ones located at Todaiji Temple and Kaidando. On both sides are the Nandaimon Gate of Todaiji Temple and the statue of King Nio. So I displayed them on a handmade figure stand..


Here are materials for my handmade figure stand. PVC dividers, square timbers, LED lighting.


When it`s lit. The yellow light creates a mysterious atmosphere. Also, the silhouette of the Buddha statue stands out and you can re-recognize the beauty of the modeling. It’s good ~ Okay! I’m self-sufficient! !!


The upper shelf of the four heavenly statues that emit suspicious light is the idol group Arashi section.

My family has complained that the Buddha image section and the Arashi section are not in harmony and that they are playing a cacophony. Mixing these two well is a future task.