Huge shopping males, cafés, Filipina pub

Hi It`s Tommy.

It`s been almost a half of an year since I moved to Ichinomiya and the Ichinomiya direct has come out of my month unintentionally these days.

As I wrote in the previous blog, my life heavily relies on massive shopping males.

I need to get some food, ok let`s go to Apita!

I need to get some beer, ok let`s go to Apita!

I need to get my hair cut, ok let`s go to Ieon!

I need to get some pain killers, ok let`s go to Ieon!

It’s a holiday today, ok let`s get dressed and go to Morela!

I have even been able to sing a song playing on a speaker in Apita `vegetables make your stomach healty~`


Does everyone think that I don’t have anything to do then just killing time in a shopping male?  That’s right! I won`t deny that!

That`s me, 35 year old unmarried man`s life.

Becomes prey of convenient. Lost of diversity. To be honest everywhere in this country looks the same. 

But here in Ichinomiya city, this city still has something that you can not find anywhere else. That is old style of cafes and Filipina club!!

The number of cafes over number convenience stores and every café looks they are doing fine. I can see cafes are rooted in this city life.

Mr.Aoyama at the age of 85 has coffee tickets for several shops.

And there are a lot of Filipina pub in this city which is a club you can drink and dance with Filipina girls.

I asked Mr.Aoyama at the age of 85 about Filipina pub, then he said `I have been there before. Good service`.

Since I am an Ichinomiya citizen now, I would like to visit Filipina pub near future..