Golden Week 10 consecutive holidays

Thanks to starting sublingual treatment with my child last year? I’m Aoyama, a lucky boss who has had hay fever symptoms this season in about a week.

This year’s Golden Week holidays are 10 consecutive holidays. Therefore, as a general public on weekends and holidays, it is a place that makes me want to go on a trip, but I was quiet because of irregular things such as new office construction and new machinery. Thankfully until last month, I had a lot of work and it was a good 10 days to rest.

At the beginning of Golden Week, the older son of High School 3 had the last tournament of the track and field club, and we went to watch the game from the parking lot outside the truck for Corona. My son was only a short distance and was able to go to the final in the 200m as an individual event, but unfortunately he did not participate in the prefectural tournament in 7th place. However, We are glad that He decided to participate in the prefectural tournament at the 400M relay. As it is a high school club activity, our family never went to see the place where he was running, but this time we could see it with the whole family and it was a really good memory.

A little later than my actual birthday, We had a birthday party for my wife. I can’t make anything, so it’s a takeaway pizza.


I don’t think it’s necessary to hide it, but I hid the age of the cake plate. It is a tart with a large amount of fruit that says that it cannot be carved.


In the middle of Golden Week, We went to see the Hiroshige exhibition of the Fifty-three Stations of the Toukaido, which is famous for landscape prints of ukiyo-e, because there is doing it at the Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya. As expected, Tokugawa, everything from the site was a different world.


We weren’t particularly interested in it, but there were many things We had seen in the past, and We had a better time than We expected. In this ukiyo-e, everything is drawn in detail as it is, and I thought it was a substitute for the current photograph.

There is also a Tokugawa garden on the same site as here, and We returned to the parking lot while passing through it.

We thought it was a casual way to go home, but it was the Japanese garden with a level of MAX that We had never experienced before.


In the latter half of the Golden Week, my younger son said that the Golden Week would end without anything … I gave up and raised my heavy waist to prepare a barbecue set.

Since it is troublesome to wash the stove after use, start by winding it with aluminum.

After a long time, We ate slowly while drinking outside from daytime. We were full in the evening, slept a little, and continued to throw at night again.

Don’t do it with a lonely number of people! !! Perhaps our Shiba dog thought, Casually she was participating on the right side. Did the younger child be satisfied with the fireworks after this?


In fact, I completely forgot that I bought 3 sets of GotoEat tickets in the first half of last month.

Therefore, our family did their best, such as the Ousho, Bikkuri-Donkey, MossBurger, fried chicken shop, soba shop, and Bronco Billy!!

It’s worth the effort, and a little more.


Finally, during Golden Week, it ends with a picture of the only younger son, Oriko-san.