4th vehicle inspection

Hi its boss Aoyama who really needs more time.

About 10 years ago, there was no FR type of car designed for drifting, I placed an order for a car called 86 without any details published yet. This time we underwent 4th time car inspection.

Then the car came back from the inspection, I changed from the specification so that the car inspection person feels comfortable to see, to the daily riding + drift specification.


Our Shiba Inu “Natsu” also was keeping an eye on the immobile 86 in a dignified manner to protect it from the enemy. Well done!!


But she fell asleep before long.


As I lowered the height of the 86, Natsu gets ready in a low position. A great sense of unity between the car and the dog. Well done Natsu! !!


But she again fell asleep.

Its ok you don’t have any homework to do.


I’ve been busy and stressful and almost getting gout these days, so I went to a circuit for the first time in a few months.

However, I was shocked because the circuit was so crowded that I couldn’t enter. Then, a friend who happened to be there gave me an entry slot. I was very happy. It was an event that can only be experienced in a real face-to-face manner during this pandemic.


I was thinking of running at full throttle after regaining my senses because of the drift was after a long time, but due to the joy of having the entry frame handed over, I drifted fully from the beginning of the 2-hour frame and two new tires died. I’m sorry tires.


I was taken a photo of drifting. It`s very beautiful isn’t it!?


By the way, I’ve been published twice in car magazines before. It’s a very mini size on the cover. .. .. In addition, I took my family forcibly took to the 86 in the company.

I personally prefer actual magazines than the web.