Mademoiselle Ai, Taizo Kato

Hello everyone.

Its Tommy who`s become a heavy user of Apita about 4 months after moving to Ichinomiya City.

This time I would like to write about Mademoiselle Ai and Kato Taizo, who I’ve been into recently.

Mademoiselle Ai-sensei

Regarding Mr. Ai Mademoiselle.

He has various faces such as a writer, a businessman, and an astrologer, and since I saw him giving various explanations on Youtube about the US presidentioal election last year, I thought it was “interesting” and started watching various videos.

In addition to posting videos as a Youtuber every day, he also appears in a program called “Telephone Life Counseling” on the radio, and you can listen to that on Youtube, so I listen to his voice almost every day.


I assume that some of you may be doubtful when you hear the word Astrologer, but the words of Ai-sensei, who politely and accurately advises, encourages, and sometimes scolds the counselor, are always very suggestive.

Especially when the personality is Mr. Taizo Kato, the counselor is always exposed to the feeling they having which themselves didn’t even realize in a good way.

Angry Ai San

Ai San talking about the world being tore apart

I totally trust what Ai-sensei says, so

For example, if he says that oil is made of seawater, I automatically believe that it is made of seawater (he said that actually).

However, when I was told that the earth was flat, I had to put a question once, saying, “Oh, is it Sir !?  I doubt that, but It’s flat! Because you say that!!” sorry teacher,,.


Also, the Professor Taizo Kato is very interesting, and I listen to him on youtube as often as Professor Ai.

Professor Kato is a sociologist who mainly talks about the mind and the unconsciousness. By listening to them, I can feel that my mind has become very light. It`s like I’m being made aware of the consciousness that I didn’t even realize that I was actually thinking in deep down.

Mr. Taizo Kato like a Buddha

Professor Kato

I am really glad to know these two great people at the timing of me being stuck and felt anxious because I did not know what to do even though I came to Ichinomiya with determination of being successful.

Don’t worry, it works! It seems that way, and reality has responded to the feeling. You might get surprised if you know what kind of orders and inquiries we are receiving these days. It took a while, but I feel like I’m at the starting point. All right!

While talking about them passionately, I will have to confess that I have never read any of their books.


Ciao Ciao