starting a new business

Hi its Tommy.

It`s been 10 months since I moved to Ichinomiya from Kyoto and now I`m working on starting up new business.


I visited a consultant for funding and they are the generation of my parents. So they took my business very seriously and I really appreciate that.

I am quite lucky these days. Meeting good people and receiving good orders.

There has been good orders placed these days


I`ve been to Tokyo twice in July.

And I also met good people who have started new business recently and they gave me an inspiration.

Looking back the same time in last year, I just quit a job and didn’t know what to do but in the end I ended up living in Ichinomiya City. Something great brought me here. Something great protect me all the time.

People say time past fly but for me this particular year has been very long. A lot of things happened to me. I would like to thank to the people helped me here. They have been unbelievably helpful. Looking back my entire life, if I face difficulties there always has been someone showed up and helped me.

At first I start with only telephone, fax, small office and small stock but I will make factories in this city busy like a war!

I would like to bring sense, technique, dedication which have been dedicated for generations to the world. Then make money and have a stand in Pitti Filati!



Tommy aka Lucky man.