From hanks to cones, Vise versa!!

Recently, finishing process has been our biggest problem.

Our yarn winder closed two years ago, and a number of places that can be outsourced has been decreasing, so we gave up finding new company and did everything such as winding up on cones or putting on hanks. However, this summer, the production of lily yarn, molding, and plying was concentrated at the same time, and although the yarns were being made more and more, it was difficult to finish them, and they were piled up while being wrapped around the processed bobbins.

A savior appears! !!

A college girl came to work throughout August. It was her first time to touch yarns, but she was able to do it in half a day, such as winding up.

By the way, the photo below is a Japanese paper thread with a high degree of difficulty. But she was really good with hands so it was really helpful for us that she came to work for us.